Then and Now — Varsity Theatre on Wisconsin Avenue:
In 1957, the Varsity advertised Three Violent People, a western film starring Charlton Heston, on its marquee. Next to the movie theater was a Pate gas station. (The base of the Pate gas sign reads “Hello Neighbor.”)

Marquette University bought the Varsity Building in 1967, which is now the Varsity Theatre and Holthusen Hall. The gas station site became campus green space.

Black-and-white photo courtesy of Marquette University Archives.

This portrait of Stanislaus P. Lalumiere, S.J., who secured Marquette University’s charter in 1864 and served as its first president, was conserved (see before-and-after above) in preparation for inclusion in the exhibition Crossings and Dwellings at the Loyola University Museum of Art, Chicago.

The exhibition uses historical maps, books, documents, objects and textiles to tell the story of 19th-century European Jesuits and religious women who arrived on the country’s expanding western frontier to serve both Native American and urban immigrant populations.

Crossings and Dwellings remains on view through October 19. When the portrait returns to campus this fall it will be displayed in Lalumiere Hall. 

Did you know…? In 1844, at the end of his law studies in Springfield, Illinois, one of Lalumiere’s examiners was Abraham Lincoln.

Photos and facts via Haggerty Museum of Art and jesuitrestoration2014